I’m Henry Channer.

I am a digital marketing specialist.

How can I help you?

What I do

I figure out what is missing from your marketing mix and then assist you in finding an awesome solution whether that be paid ads, a website redesign, mobile optimisation or an all encompassing marketing strategy. Continue scrolling if you need a profitable marketing strategy for your business.

Which industries do you work with

I cover pretty much all industries and have now written over 300 marketing plans. I’ve covered a wide range of industries including e-commerce, tech, law, medical, local, retail and crypto.

How much will the marketing cost? Do I need a budget?

Yes, in the requirements for your marketing strategy I will ask for your monthly marketing budget so I can properly assign the budget for each strategy. The budget is entirely up to you. I’ve created plans for businesses with monthly budgets as small as £100 and plans for monthly budgets over £50k.

How complex is the marketing plan? Can anyone understand it?

I try to make sure my marketing plans can be easily understood by business owners. The plan comes with clear action points explaining exactly what you need to do. There are some more technical strategies, but it’s all explained in the plan.

How long is the marketing plan?

Depending on your business each plan comes with 10-20 different marketing strategies that you can apply for growing your business. The plans are anywhere between 20 and 40 pages.

Can you help implement the marketing plan once it’s approved?

I do work with some businesses beyond the plan by helping with the implementation. I can do this depending on my availability, so get in touch if you’d like to discuss this further 🙂

So how much will it cost and what do I actually get?

1. I’ll create a marketing plan for you:

– Goals

– SMART objectives

– Budget

– Target segmentation

– Outline what marketing mediums should be used. I’ll show you how to utilise growth hacks that will skyrocket your business for serious growth.

2. Resources inc. a Instagram course, SEO pack and a press plan.

3. I will create a promotional campaign for your business

4. After I’ve sent all of this I will continue to work with you to audit how you’ve implemented each marketing medium. I like to stay in touch so I can continously help you.

The total price will be £925.

Digital Marketing Course Now Available

To ensure you get the best experience I speak to all my students on a weekly basis. Just to checkin, see how you and your business are doing and if there are any bespoke solutions I can offer you. These weekly online calls are currently included in the course price but space are limited. Get your course today.

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