Proximity Marketing isn’t new. We’ve just perfected it and now it’s ready to be utilised by your business.

Wireless real time marketing messages can be sent to your customers mobile phone. On some occasions your audience may need an app to interact with your messages but Channer Group specialise in creating app-less engagement environments so that you can grow and nurture new customers as well as engaging with your current customer base. 

Advertisement, offers, incentives or simply just information can now go directly to your customer’s mobile device based on their location. 

Can my business use it?

Does your business have a fixed location? Then yes.

Why do I need it?

1. Real- time and Inexpensive 

Once you have set­up your Wi­Fi devices and campaign, you can send your promotional content free of charge, unlike other similar services like the MMS and SMS. It has no recurring costs. WiFi/ Bluetooth devices are also inexpensive


Everything is created digitally, delivered digitally and tracked digitally. A preferred approach to  flyers and pamphlets where it becomes very difficult to measure ROI and it’s real expense.


Send coupons or offers to apply for free food or to enrol in your loyalty or rewards programmes.
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Inform your guests about events and promotions or allow them to sign up to loyalty or rewards programmes.
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Offer drink & discounted entry fees to people to entice them in off the street without using promoters and banners.
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Shopping centres can offer a proximity marketing benefit to their stores with a network of well placed beacons.
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Travel hubs such as airports & public transportation centres can provide maps or display ads that can be sold to local tourist destinations.
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Offer promotions, sell merchandise, increase engagement. Real time data and amazing marketing opportunities.
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Most companies simply sell beacons. We give you a full marketing service.

Managing beacons and their broadcasts can be time consuming and at times a little complex. We aim to remove the jargon and coding issues so you can just get on with your business as usual. Rather than burdening your IT department with more systems and analytics to track we work in partnership with the relevant teams to ensure your proximity devices integrate smoothly with the rest of your marketing strategy.

For your monthly fee you will receive:

  • Beacons
  • Beacons configured
  • Monthly analytics report
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Unlimited broadcasts
  • Landing page builder

If you feel confident in setting up your beacons and creating content then simply purchase our latest beacons. 

If you confuse your SDK’s with your UIDS then leave the boring stuff to us.