Welcome to a different type of mentorship. For the past 2 years I have taught students digital marketing skills through colleges and other educational institutes. This experience coupled with my work as a digital marketeer highlighted the need for professional mentoring service that focused on the needs of the business and their marketing employees. Face to face teaching will take place monthly but as discovered previously it’s important to have weekly contact. These will take place via Skype or phone. In depth marketing reports will be provided to ensure you see the results and can track any success. We work with you, your business and your marketing employee to create a bespoke programme which will benefit all three parties.

Why use a Channer Group mentor?

  • Assist your marketing team
  • Learn new skills
  • Utilise their experience 
  • Aide in personal development
  • Option of obtaining a qualification
  • Professional but personable 

Skills you will learn.

  • Mapping a customer journey
  • Website management
  • Google analytics reporting
  • Effective social media
  • SEO
  • Content planning

What else is included?

Face to face meeting are not only important but essential to mentor effectively. At these monthly sessions we will discuss the months events, look at your business Google and social media analytics and how we can use these data to shape our marketing strategy. We will also discuss any issues you have encountered and how we might be able to fix them. This meeting is also a good time to prioritise any work or elements that are essential to the business.  Meeting will occur at your place of business or the closest coffee shop. Joint sessions which will include a number of our other mentees will take place in our office in Sheffield, S1.

Staying in touch is key. Although our mentors are available in office hours to answer emails you will also have a weekly virtual meeting to discuss the weeks events, pose questions and to also further your skillbase.  

Keep a track of your marketing success with a professional report compiled by the mentee and us.

We have an extensive network of freelancers with a wide variety of skills including web design, php, Google Ads, influencers, blog writers and more. Take advantage of this network to expand your departments skill set.

For more information contact me direct at henry.channer@gmail.com and I'll respond shortly.